The CatchAlive APP is free and can be downloaded to iOS and Android

The APP is a complete documentation and work tool for the user.

All data can be drawn from the system and used for documentation of efforts in pest management, animal control etc.

The APP is available i three languages: English, German and Danish. Choose your preferred language at the login-page in the APP.

Features in the APP:

  • Automatic registration of activation of a trap (with counter)
  • Notification when a trap is activated (E-mail notification can be selected in the APP)
  • Notification if a trap loses signal (E-mail notification can be selected in the APP)
  • Notifications are confirmed by the user
  • All notifications are collected and saved in a log (Can be used in reports later)
  • All traps can be seen on a satellite map
  • The position of every trap can be found and adjusted on a satellite map
  • Register customer/trap service visits
  • Register when bait/batteries/gas canister has been changed
  • Add/write notes for customer/trap service visits
  • All registrations and notes are collected and saved in a log

User levels in the app:

The CatchAlive system is built to handle users on several levels. From the user with 1 trap alarm to the user with several hundred trap alarms.

Easy overview for users with few trap alarms

Users with few trap alarms can select “Overview” on the “Home” page to easily view their trap alarms and click directly on the individual trap alarms.

“Overview” can also be selected as the “Home” page.

Clear division for users with many alarms

Users with many trap alarms can have several companies/departments under “Service company” and these can create/divide the trap alarms in as many locations as they wish.

In the app, users can always see which service companies and which locations have trap alarms with either a catch or need to be serviced in some other way.

By logging into the web browser, you get a good overview if you have many trap alarms.