CatchAliveOne – Feeder Monitor

CatchAliveOne is an intelligent trap alarm, which enables electronic monitoring of animal traps and barrel feeders via an associated APP and web browser.

When the CatchAliveOne trap alarm is used with a barrel feeder as a feeder monitor, it monitores when the feed level inside the barrel feeder is low.

With a CatchAlive trap alarm, electronic monitoring of the barrel feeder is ensured 24 hours a day. With the CatchAlive APP and web browser, details from each individual CatchAliveOne trap alarm can be followed.

CatchAliveOne V1 has an external antenna and uses 2G network.
CatchAliveOne V2 has an internal antenna and uses NB-IoT 4G/5G network

Immediate notification when refill of feed is needed

When the level of feed inside the barrel is low, the CatchAliveOne trap alarm is activated.

Immediately after activating a CatchAliveOne trap alarm, the user receives notifications about this on e-mail and in the APP. There is also an option of push notification in the APP.

You can change notification settings in the APP.

No disturbing messages

The system behind the CatchAliveOne trap alarm is designed to disturb the user as little as possible.

This means that when you use CatchAliveOne trap alarm for electronic monitoring of your barrel feeder, you will only be notified when there is something you need to know. For example when level of feed is low or if operational problems occur. For example if the CatchAliveOne trap alarm can not report due to missing mobile signal.

The system keeps track of itself and the electronic monitoring only notifies the users when there is something you need to know. Therefore, you are not disturbed by status messages daily.

You can check the CatchAliveOne trap alarm status in the APP at any time.

Easy installation

When the CatchAliveOne trap alarm is used in a barrel feeder, it will be placed in the bracket on the CatchAliveOne Feeder Disc.

After filling the barrel feeder with the feed the CathcAliveOne Feeder Disc is placed on top of the feed inside the barrel and the cord is attached to the lid of the barrel.

When CatchAliveOne trap alarm is set for Feeder Monitor in the APP, the feed level is monitored through the angle of the CatchAliveOne trap alarm inside the barrel feeder. The CatchAliveOne trap alarm is activated when the level of feed gets so low, that the CatchAliveOne Feeder Disc is hanging from the cord.

The CatchAlive Feeder Disc is specially designed, produced and sold by CatchAlive.

Subscription – All Inclusive

When you buy a CatchAliveOne trap alarm for electronic monitoring of your barrel feeder, a subscription is also included.

It is an all-inclusive solution, where the user does not have to bother with SIM cards, mobile subscriptions, etc.

With CatchAliveOne subscription, you get a SIM card, mobile subscription and data included in the package and the use of all functions in both the APP and web browser.

The subscription is subscribed for one year at a time and settled in advance.

Few operating costs

In addition to the subscription, you only need to provide batteries for your CatchAliveOne trap alarm.

We recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA 1.5V or VARTA Ultra Lithium AA.

Batteries are included when you buy CatchAliveOne.

CatchAliveOne trap alarm uses 2 batteries and has an expected battery life of 12-24 months for 1 daily registration (System check). Lifetime depends on usage scenario.

The APP can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play

The APP is the work tool where all traps and barrel feeders with CatchAliveOne trap alarm are created with a description of location and position on the map.

Data from CatchAliveOne trap alarm is received and can be seen in the APP.

Likewise, the user can note service of the barrel feeder for example change of batteries or feed.

The user can also write notes in connection with the service check, for example the kind of feed used in the barrel feeder.

All information / data is stored in logbooks.

Web browser – Overview and Reporting

By logging in to the web browser, you get an overview of CatchAliveOne trap alarms associated with your user profile.

The web browser also shows all data received from CatchAliveOne trap alarm, as well as data the user has added via the APP.

The Web browser has reporting tools where the user can print reports with graphs etc.