To log in, you need to be a customer at CatchAlive ApS.

You log in with your e-mail and the computer-generated password you receive in the startup e-mail from CatchAlive ApS.

How to get an account:

You get your startup e-mail by submitting the following information to

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• E-mail
• CatchAliveOne serial number

The serial number has the following format: CA1-xxxxxxxx (e.g. CA1-000001).
You can see it through the lid.

The CatchAlive team will create your CatchAliveOne account, when they receive your information.

You will receive an e-mail, with your login information, when the account has been created.

For more information contact CatchAlive ApS:

CatchAlive ApS
Møllegærdet 32,
DK-6000 Kolding.
Phone: +45 60603088