CatchAliveOne – Trap Alarm

CatchAliveOne is an intelligent trap alarm that enables electronic monitoring of animal traps via an associated APP and web browser. CatchAliveOne can be used on many different types of traps, from snap traps, mole traps, wire traps and large box traps, but also fully automatic traps such as the Goodnature A24.
With a CatchAlive trap alarm, electronic monitoring of the trap is ensured 24 hours a day. With the CatchAlive APP and web browser, details from each individual trap can be followed.

CatchAliveOne – Snap Trap

CatchAliveOne Trap Alarm – Electronic Monitoring of Snap Trap. Lets you know when the trap has been activated.
When the CatchAliveOne trap alarm is mounted on the snap trap, it will be mounted with a bracket on the side of the snap trap.